What were you doing in 1993?

by Charles Miller on October 15, 2002

Russell Beattie asks, “What were you doing in 1993?”

In 1993, I was going through the first year of Arts/Law (a degree I was destined not to complete) at the University of Western Australia, having finished high-school the year before. I studied (or attempted to avoid studying) Contemporary English Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Contract Law, Criminal Law, and The Legal Process. I actually got quite good grades in them, except for Legal Process which had lectures very late on a Thursday afternoon, and to which I (and several others) would inevitably show up drunk.

I spent most of the year hanging around with people who I knew from school but didn't particularly like, because at least it avoided the hassle of trying to meet new people. Big mistake. Other interesting things that happened that year mostly involved me being thrown out of the University tavern for being underage, and having my eyebrow shaved off at someone else's 18th birthday party.

I had not yet discovered the Internet.

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