It's all your fault!

by Charles Miller on October 10, 2002

Ned Batchelder owns up to a heinous sin:

Brent's Law of CMS URLs is simple: the more expensive the content management system, the longer and uglier the URLs they produce.

This resonated with me, both because I have experienced these impossible-to-use URLs as a web surfer, but also because I helped make some of them, by being one of the developers of the Domino Web Server.

Domino produces URLs that look like this: 85d5b6903071400e8525676d0079b3ae/ 6bcca234153471348525689a0070bc43?OpenDocument

As someone whose job involves frequent visits to IBM's website, I am intimately familiar with those kinds of URL. Sir, I hereby pronounce you evil, and sentence you to a year with only Jakob Neilsen for company.

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