Tue, 27 Aug 2002 11:51:05 GMT

by Charles Miller on August 27, 2002

Spent the afternoon at Apple's OS X Tech Talk. Highlights of the afternoon were:

  • The Quartz Extreme demo. Transparent terminal window overlapping with a semi-transparent animated 3d demo, over a running QuickTime video. Composite that, inferior operating systems!
  • The new zoom feature in Jaguar's accessibility panel. Sometimes the simple things are pretty impressive.
  • The explanation of why Java 1.4 is delayed. Apparently, the current OS X Java GUI (both Swing and AWT draw themselves using as much of the native kit as they can get away with) is Carbon-based. They hit a speed-bump, so they've been busy rewriting everything in Cocoa.
  • The American's silly pronounciation of “Jagwar”, and the Australian server-guy's insistence on saying “authentification”
  • The whole thing made me want to do a lot more Cocoa programming. I've done some hacking with it before, and it's way cool. After beating my head against Swing a few times, putting GUIs together in Cocoa was an absolute joy. I even have a grudging acceptance Objective-C

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