Sun, 18 Aug 2002 11:53:17 GMT

by Charles Miller on August 18, 2002

Ian Hickson sets the following quiz, as a demonstration of the limitations of HTML Validators. The following is a complete HTML document that parses as valid according to the W3C HTML Validation Service.. Despite this, it goes against the HTML specification in four ways. Can you guess how?

(If you're reading this in Radio's News Aggravator, it's probably not unencoded properly. Don't blame me!)

   <html lang="english">
   <title>Written by Ian Hickson</title>
   <h1>Current weather in <cite>Berlin, Germany</cite></h1>
   <p>There are thunderstorms in Berlin at the moment. The air is
   very humid. The temperature is a warm 24°C.
   <img src="icons/low-wind" alt="low wind icon">

(If you're curious about the answer, it's probably better to email me than Hixie. That way he won't get spammed by the propagation of the link. I'll only respond to honest guesses, though.)

One day, I'll fix the HTML on this site. Honest, gov.

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