Fri, 16, Aug 2002 11:58:00 PM

by Charles Miller on August 16, 2002

“The $100 bills are another matter. This is an airport; they can drag me to a windowless room in the basement and handcuff me to a chair. They can confiscate my stash, call in the DEA, FBI, and IRS. It will be up to me to prove that I'm not a drug dealer. To customs agents, $100 bills smell like cocaine. In reality, I'm a writer, with six pulpy thrillers under my belt, but today I'm on the scent of a real life story even more high-octane than any of my fictional jaunts. I'm ferrying money for Kevin Lewis, one of the best card counters alive. He's taking me back to his glory days when he ran a card team that hit Vegas for millions.” –Wired 10.09, Hacking Las Vegas, (via Mike Cannon-Brookes)

I've always loved stories about good hacks, and this is one of the more impressive ones. Give it a read.

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