Wed, 07 Aug 2002 12:55:47 GMT

by Charles Miller on August 7, 2002

This is the Strangest piece of spam I have ever seen.

It's so weird I can't describe it. It sounds very much like they're selling marajuana, except they arent, but, it... you just ahve to go read it for yourself... it's is realllly strange. []

That is truly whacked. Bet they were smoking their product ... [Brett Morgan's Insanity Weblog]

This is TheWeirdestSpamIEverReceived. It's very long, so I'll just paste the first three paragraphs here. Follow the wiki-link for the rest.


Later this year - prophecy will holdtrue, you will see.
For it is written in the eyeinthepyramid...

The Entity does not want to be caught out!
In fact right now, the Entity is doing everything in its power to get you to discredit this emailcommunication. The Entity is a ForeignInstallation that sits inside your consciousness and lies to you and dis-empowers you, robbing you of your essence, and aims to weaken you and bring you into pain and suffering.

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