Thu, 25, Jul 2002 08:56:00 AM

by Charles Miller on July 25, 2002

From EFnet #java, discussing why the drop-down picker-thingy is called JComboBox

[Carlton] I've always believed a combo-box is a drop-down picker that you can also type into.
[SamBecket] i always thought of a combo box as a box containing Combo brand snacks
[Carlton] Sam: But if you pay a few bucks extra, you get a bucket of fried chicken.
[SamBecket] Carlton: That would be a bucket o' chicken, a very different UI component
* Carlton nods. But according to the UI guidelines, you should avoid fried chicken in anything but thick-clients.
[Carlton] For a thin client, you'd use Lean Cuisine[tm] instead.

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