Mon, 15, Apr 2002 09:12:00 PM

by Charles Miller on April 15, 2002

I'm in San Francisco. I've never been here before so I'm being really touristy - I wandered around downtown yesterday, and today I went up to Fisherman's Wharf. Tomorrow I'll try to get out of bed before midday so I can get on the tour to Alcatraz. cringer is jealous of me because she wants to go on the tour as well, but I suspect she only really wants to do it so she can be rescued by Sean Connery.

Anyway. I have a problem. Aside from about an hour sitting in Dazd's dorm room writing Ant build scripts, I haven't done any programming since leaving Australia. Call me an addict, but damnit, I want to find a quiet corner and code. My brain really annoys me sometimes.

I am such a nerd.

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