Mon, 01, Apr 2002 05:48:00 PM

by Charles Miller on April 1, 2002

I was a little bored this afternoon, wandering around the web, and I ended up on the list of "proposed updates" for Ultima Online. I used to play UO, but gave up when I realised that I didn't have nearly enough free time to get involved. And I've never really been good at online RPGs anyway. I was dragged onto MUDs once or twice and never got into them either.

Anyway, one of the updates that I found was Character Weddings. You find the role-played love of your life, double-click on them, and you each get a ring, with the inscription of your choice. Amusingly enough, there's no way to divorce which I'm sure will cause no end of troubles.

The list of possible inscriptions for the ring was pretty predictable: fifty or so aphorisms along the lines of "All My Love", "Eternally Yours", "My Heart is Yours Forever" and, second-last on the list...


"You Roxxorz My Heart"

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