Addendum to the Lunch Recipe

by Charles Miller on November 27, 2001

Four of us were sitting in the board room, watching the building across the road. They've knocked down most of the bottom floor, it's neat looking in to see what the hell's holding the building up. Anyway, I'm not entirely sure how this conversation started.

David Roze
So that makes us Observers?
Charles Miller
Maybe... looks out the window at the guy working the tractor No, if we were Observers, we'd have to register with the Observable so they'd know to send us events. It's more a publish-subscribe architecture? They just put their actions out, without knowing who is going to be consuming them.
David Pinn
Then that would be the Mediator pattern

I later decided that the building must be written in C++. If it was written in Java it wouldn't need to be destroyed manually, you'd just vacate it and wait for it to be garbage-collected.

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