Good Deeds

by Charles Miller on November 26, 2001

On Sunday afternoon, I was walking up the road to the laundromat when I found a wallet lying on the sidewalk. I looked at it. I looked around for the owner. I looked at it again. I looked around for hidden cameras in case this was some Current Affairs show doing an honesty test. I looked around for the owner again. Finally, I picked it up. Inside there was about seventy dollars in cash, and about a hundred and fifty different credit-cards.

I spent the rest of the day grumbling about this. When you pick up someone's wallet, you're taking responsibility that you don't need. I had to search for the guy's phone number. I eventually found his girlfriend's mobile number in the wallet and left a message, knowing that it'd be really annoying for him if he cancelled every one of those cards. I left a note on the car nearest to the wallet.

This morning, the owner popped by the office to pick it up. The dude works for Nestle. I now have more free chocolate than you have ever dreamed of.

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