Wed, 21, Nov 2001 11:12:00 PM

by Charles Miller on November 21, 2001

For a while, Radiohead's Creep was one of my favourite songs.
It was duly taken to the band, but no-one seemed that bothered. "When it was recorded," says drummer Phil Selway, "we didn't even know it was being taped - we were just warming up for another track by it. The reason it sounds so powerful is because it's completely unselfconscious."
What arguably took 'Creep' into an unforeseen dimension were the moments when Jonny Greenwood made that alarming crunching guitar noise. Tellingly, it was an utter accident. "That's the sound of Jonny trying to fuck the song up," laughs Ed O'Brien. "He really didn't like it the first time we played it, so he tried spoiling it. And it made the song."

It's amazing how much we owe to accidents :)

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