Mon, 18, Jun 2001 09:59:00 PM

by Charles Miller on June 18, 2001

On Friday night, I didn't go out to a pub and get drunk. Instead I came home and got drunk instead. Around midnight, through the bottom of the last bottle, I had the really nifty idea of sticking my photo up on

No, really. Keep laughing, I am.

When I submitted my photo, the form asked me to rate myself. I took a few honest moments, and chose "6". To see how it ended up, you can click on the "more things" link. If you don't care, then feel happy in your well-adjustedness. Anyway, the voting was totally unbiased - I didn't tell anyone it was there, and it's not there any more. My original plan was to leave it up for a week, but it turns out that after 200 votes, the male photos get taken down anyway.

What I don't quite understand is how the graphs correspond to the rating number. As far as I can see, the two statistics bear no resemblance to each other. (For some reason, the graph only shows up in IE when I paste it to livejournal. Which is strange because it worked fine in Mozilla from the original site. Oh well.)

You are hotter than 66% of men on this site!


205 people have rated you

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