April 2001

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Seen on The PPR somewhere...

"As a programmer, what part of "Go to Hell" do you find more offensive?"

I was teaching a course today. The course lasted for four hours, the first two and a half of which I had to spend talking non-stop. This is not a particularly fun task - I'm good at public speaking, but I'm not practised at it. So people tend to get bored and fall asleep when the subject is something as wildly interesting as "VisualAge Java Introduction for Developers", and I do stupid things like realise I've started drinking out of my glass of water halfway through a sentence.

Usually when I'm teaching, I get a table to stand behind. This time, I got a podium. I felt like I should have been giving a sermon, or saying "Hi, my name is Charles Miller, and I can finally admit that I am addicted to programming."

Yes, I'm a code-aholic.

Murray Walker

  • 11:45 PM

At the first corner of today's GP.

<Murray> And Reubens Barichello is dropping back... yes.. yes and he's passed Schumacher!

I was in the pub this evening talking to my father. He mentioned that if his big plan comes off, he'll have to keep working for at least another five years to see it through. I laughed, and told him that if he wasn't working, he wouldn't know what to do. He looked a little morose and agreed with me.

If I won the lottery tomorrow, and never had to work again, you know what I'd do with my time?

I'd write code.

What do you do when your hobby is your job?