I pity the poor buggers.

by Charles Miller on March 11, 2001

According to sourceforge, 43 people downloaded the last version of my ircd. I wonder if anyone actually got it running[1], considering it's just a .jar file with no documentation, severely deficient javadoc, and source-code that was very badly mangled by an unpatched edition of VisualAge.

I never actually expected anyone to look at it. And I don't really have much pity on people who do at this stage in the game. The only reason I have the sourceforge account is that it's a useful way of me being able to grab and play with the code while I'm interstate or overseas teaching. I did a lot of work on it in New Zealand, because Auckland was so dull otherwise.

On the other hand, it's cool that now the .jar file is finally larger than the RFC I'm trying to implement. :)

[1] For the small value of "running" that it is currently capable of

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