by Charles Miller on March 5, 2001

It's Mardi Gras weekend here in Sydney. We've been described as the San Francisco of the Southern Hemisphere, and this is the weekend that the queer population march down Oxford street in bright yellow frocks (well, the men anyway). I watched bits of it on TV, but I didn't see Michelle anywhere. I live in Newtown, which is the second most gay part of Sydney after Kings Cross. I got in trouble in the local pub one night because it was dykes night, and guys weren't allowed to play pool. *grumble*

I watched Sphere at the same time. Yes, I am one of those annoying people who watch TV with one hand on the remote, and is quite happy to watch two programs at the same time. Sphere was a crap movie. The book wasn't much better from what I remember of it. I remember looking at the supposedly terrifying "mobbed by jellyfish" scene and laughing because it was so badly done. What was really annoying is that the whole thing was really a bad adoption of the plot of "Forbidden Planet", and the latter movie did the whole "Monsters of the Id" thing much better.

Of course, Forbidden Planet was just a reworking of Shakespeare's "The Tempest". I've never seen or read The Tempest, but that's what I've been told.

Candi just reminded me that the whole premise of Sphere was bogus. The evil force bent on destroying them was apparently hidden because the computer program decoding its transmissions (which were in English, just with a simple numerical cipher, yeah sure it takes a genius to work _that_ one out), translated "Harry" as "Jerry". If it was transposing H and J, how could it say "Hello"?

I enjoyed today.

I woke up, after a very long sleep. I spent a lot of time talking to my bestest friend. I watched the Melbourne Grand Prix on TV, although it sucked that the German Bastard won, and it sucks more that the marshall was killed in that crash. I had a long afternoon nap. I did some programming, but I'm still not happy enough with the pattern-matching code to update the release of ircd-pastiche. I spent the evening talking to co-fishy, who I really don't see enough of, because she keeps getting these attacks of "being sensible" and doesn't spend her entire life on IRC. How selfish can you get?

At midnight, I was about ready to go to sleep, so I went to the 7-11. I was going to get myself a diet coke (Yes, I know I said I'd stopped drinking that stuff. I relapsed today), but I was overcome by the slurpee machine when I walked in the front door, so I had a raspberry slurpee instead.

The guy just behind me in the queue in 7-11 was stoned out of his mind. When he came in, the lights were way too bright for his mental state, so he headed straight for the sunglasses stand to find something to wear during his stay in the store. He did, however, spend a while picking out exactly the right glasses. I mean, it's a tremendous fashion decision - what does the conscientious stoned-guy wear over his eyes when out shopping these days?

In all this, I forgot to do my laundry. I guess it's second-best-shirts week coming up.

Work tomorrow. 'night. Dream of happy fish.

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