The DiggBar controversy summarised in two easy screenshots.

April 12, 2009 1:18 PM

The DiggBar from the point of view of Digg:

From Digg's point of view, the DiggBar is part of the web browser, adding a new toolbar that adds some Digg-specific functions to links where that functionality might be relevant.

The DiggBar from the point of view of a website owner:

From the website owner's point of view, the DiggBar is hijacking their site by wrapping it in a frame.

(For background information, start with this Daring Fireball article, then if you're still vaguely interested the next two days of link archives, and possibly my article about how to many people, URLs are an opaque browser feature, and possibly my rant about how it's Google's job to map the web, it isn't the web's job to design itself around how Google happens to map it today.)


Somehow I missed this controversy, and your pictures illustrate it perfectly!

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