Blogger's block

January 10, 2003 7:55 PM

I've been moved. The project for which I have been working outsourced-ly since May has now required me to work in-house with the client. Their Internet policy means that I now have to stare intently at the screen while I wait for the compile/restart/test cycle to go through its paces, instead of alt-tabbing to Javablogs. In addition, my Powerbook, which holds my trusty copy of NetNewsWire Lite has been in the shop for a few weeks waiting for a new DVD drive. As such, I've got far fewer things I can write about in reaction to what others are writing, because I'm not getting the chance to read as much.

I have all sorts of things I want to say in long-form, though. This project (more than 20 full-time coders, project has been running since around November 2001, still going) has given me a lot of insights into large-scale J2EE system design dos and don'ts, and project management techniques.

And I can't write about them. Commercial confidentiality is a bastard.

Maybe one day, when the dust has settled and we've all moved on.

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